Ik en oogIf you’re expecting a traditional fire show be aware. Of course the performers from I ‘n eye can breath fire if they have to, but the shows go way beyond that level! The fireshows have been extended with all sorts of new techniques that I ‘n eye is continue sly exploring to give the shows a new dimension. This combination of skills sometimes seems to give the performers unhuman powers.

Still I ‘n eye has remained faithful to the traditional characteristics of the fireshow that has its roots in Maori culture. There for the possibilities seem endless, abseiling, martial arts, magic, staff, poi, fan’s, ropes, stilts, double staff, swing, fire barrels, fire skipping rope, fire flares, rope bridges, projections, acrobatics tumbling, you name it.

As a fire collective I ‘n eye has been working on several projects making street and location theater. The shows come in all shapes and sizes, from very big to very small, with audience interaction or with out, Flexibility is a key value to I ‘n eye. Where others see obstacles I ‘n eye sees opportunities, taking location theater to the extreme. Fire shows are not the only thing I ‘n eye has to offer, also story telling, fire and juggling workshops, parachute games, daytime shows are an option. Even a combination of the different options is a possibility or you can have it custom made.

Through the years I ‘n eye has mastered the art of building tension. Sometimes fire shows seem to start almost without noticing but slowly your attention will be graphed by the performance displayed around or in front of you. Before you realize what’s happening you’ll be fascinated by a spectacular show that will keep you focused till the last minute..

vuurshow touwen

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