How it all started...

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One night when I was six years old my father woke me up to see the fire in a nearby where house that was set alight, something changed in my that night never to come undone. The following years of my childhood I wanted to become a fireman and later this became a cycling pro but the obsession for fire was born and never died.

When I finished my high school I had little reason left to remain in the Netherlands and spend the larger part of the following eight years traveling around the globe. Hitchhiking, juggling on the streets, snowboarding, giving juggling workshop to street-, gipsy-, and aboriginal- kids, working on farms, doing fire shows at beach parties, volunteering, diving, teaching English and the list goes on.

One day when hitchhiking around Spain I decided that I only wanted to live of the money I would make doing fire shows. Now several years later I’m proud to say that I’m still where it all started; performing on the streets!

I've also performed at many festivals and bigg events. I have worked with some amazingly talented people, developed new shows (some custom made). By now fire street- and location theater have become my life! I 'n eye is working on new concepts for (street-) shows, some even with very little fire in them, so stay tuned.

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