This spectacular location theater piece was originally made for the 10th anniversary of the torches for peace walk in Tilburg. The Uzz tells the story of an extraordinary people that dissents upon the audience.

On a construction that can be made as high as 4 meters, you will observe routines at 3 different levels. Conflict and harmony will merge as the Uzz will set familiar and unfamiliar objects alight. The Uzz will give you a peak into their world and ours and will finish with a spectacular finally! For this spectacular show has it all abseiling, structures, tumbling, martial arts, acrobatics, rope bridges, fire flairs, sparkles, fire works, you name it!
Practical info:

Number of performers: minimal 4
Duration: 30 to 45 minutes
The show can be adjusted to the location and in cooperation the show can be customized to your demands t can be as extended or made as small as you like. Its spectacular character makes this show very suitable for openings or closures of events.
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